There is a havoc of reviews made on the Apex merchant group scam events which have become a hot topic on the internet. It would be too soon to tell whether the claim of Apex Merchant group being a fraud is true or not. The internet is full of positive and negative reviews being made on the company’s performance and credibility. Given below are the extractions of the positive and negative reviews of clients and the company employees over the matter of Apex merchant group scam.


Positive Remarks of People Which Persuade that the Apex Merchant Group Scam is not true:


There are literary hundreds of reviews in the favor of the company made by the clients who confidently use the services of the company and by the employees who work at the company. When you go through the reviews made about the Apex merchant group scam on different blogs then you are likely to come across some very healthy and encouraging remarks made by the bigger businessmen. There are clients who are highly satisfied with the services of their financial company the Apex Merchant group.


The reviews given as anti replies to the Apex merchant group scam remarks are that the company has a very timely service that provides transferring of funds either in the form of credit or cheque with great security and speed. Unlike the people who claim that the Apex merchant group scam is true, there are some very confident clients who are giving heartening reviews that is proving to be almost the only lifeline of the company under the circumstances.


When looked on the bright side it is found that the Apex Merchant group is a very healthy work place because the positive remarks made by the company employees are cheering. They say that the company is a very good place to work at and it is an honest institute which would never do anything like the Apex merchant group scam. Reviews of employees do matter because they give the inner information of the company. Reading the negative remarks made on the matter of Apex merchant group scam one would get to know that the ratio of negative remarks is more a great deal than the positive ones.


Negative Remarks Claiming the Truth of Apex Merchant Group Scam:


There are complains more than what one can count based on the unauthorized transactions made by the company. There are reports that the company has ripped its clients off by not adequately disclosing the important information. A grand number of reviews which point towards the possibility of the Apex merchant group scam being true are based on complaints which say that Apex Merchant group made unauthorized 3-5 years auto renewal contracts.


Many people write in their reviews about Apex merchant group scam that they were not told about the hidden charges, annual fees and setup charges prior to their signing up. They claim that they signed in because the company said to them that there were no charges instead of a very minor amount of less than $10 a month added with just 1% as interest. The people who claim they have been ripped off by the company say that they signed up on the features offered by the company which never there. One moment they signed up and after some time they are charged with all sorts of hidden charges.


Then there are many people who say that Apex merchant group scam is true as the company dealers would lie to them about the PCI fee. They would tell their clients that there is no PCI fee and after signing up, before they know it they are heavily charged by the company as their PCI fee. These fees would hurt the account of clients for up to hundreds of dollars. Some people say in their reviews about the Apex merchant group scam that the company has fled with their transacted money. Small businesses have been closed because of the company as it does not gives the recipient the money sent by the sender either the business is the sender or recipient. Some users also say that the company lessens the amount sent by sender before it reaches the receiver and asks for unnecessary things like the receiver’s personal information and stuff like that. Not that the employees expose the company’s confidential but there are statements made on the internet blogs by some of the company employees that the company has an unfair command. They say that Apex merchant group scam is valid and the company really is involved in doing illegal activities but for sure, the possibility of an angry employee situation cannot be denied in this matter. Some small businesses complaining about Apex merchant group scam say that the company is only credible for larger businesses and that they are ripping smaller businessmen off. Such reviews about the Apex merchant group scam have caused a decrease in the ranking of the Apex Merchant group in the Better Business Bureau.



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